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20301035 Retail VS COPY fabric: set woven cotton fabric dyed with 26 single yarn, vortex spinning, 380 g reactive black oh. I have introduced black to you before and there are dozens of different kinds of black. The ready-made cloth in the market is not the right version. We have to customize it! printing contrast: in addition to we have who dare you zoom in to you on the movement of trousers printing still use or imported elastic pulp (soft, good elasticity, no glue, washable, good color fastness. Printing materials consistent with retail)! Printing is a thin pulp, thin to what extent? The result is not like the printing process, but like a piece of paper in the pants feel, thin, soft! Three layers of slurry feel is still soft! Don't look at it thin, but it can endure fuck!! Even if you wash ten times 20 times still do not crack no damage! The trousers are made of high density elastic rubber imported from Italy! Don't underestimate the elastic in the inside, this is related to the shape of the whole pants and wear comfort! Chanel used this elastic, we also used in the bulk, the cost of much need not say! Don't take the market ready-made dozens of large bundles and ours than! Our pants won't give you a bellyache and still keep the shape perfectly flowing!! Even the number of wrinkles are similar to retail 99.9%, this is true! This is the need to manually control the scale, the machine can not fix ~ pleat more version is not right, less the overall appearance will not be good, loose and baggy super low! In fact, whether retail customized a body to know! Our bounce and pull back feel are in line with retail!! You buy something else to wear and see if the fabric under your pants stacks up like you're four months pregnant The designer of Gucc* home is so powerful! The cutting cloth is not the shape we saw, it is with twill to cut the cloth board, the specific operation will not be announced, many small workshop can not be done pockets the same knit fabric with retail, with pants fabric is the same! Low version on the market with woven fabric,and also hard cloth... I don't even know how bad the version is in the market. The cost estimate is only tens of yuan... We also added styling strips to the inside of the pants! Guarantee you wash ten or twenty times will not be out of shape! Unlike the ones on the market, which were bought and washed twice before they were deformed enough to wipe the floor...Transform to cry... You can't wear them out! These internal things a lot of manufacturers are not going to do, one is a trouble is time and cost labor, because labor cost is the biggest!! The only people who do that are the perfectionists. Even the water label is the same as zp! These trousers are very interesting. The water mark and the code mark are the same. In the middle is the code watch. We made this one with the same wash label! In the market, the code mark beside the washing label also says that it is customized by retail. PS:The waistline is a elastic band with a trouser cord LINK: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a2126o.11854294.0.0.12a44831xXyDQP&id=611742138403 3.99/58























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