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GC red collar polo navyyupoo jeans dsquared-13

203050222 Retail vs copy # Fabric comparison The fabric is made of high-density beaded cloth! It was customized for more than three months. Why to emphasize high density, basically be the effect that the body feels after this cloth is worn on the body! First, the density determines the delicate sense of the upper part of the body. If the density is not high enough and the pearly lines in the middle, like mesh, are scattered, it feels coarser. Secondly, the high density of beads can reflect the effect is: wearing the body sense and see through the upper body texture! The clothes with higher density will be more pendent, and the relative gram weight will be heavier, so the texture reflected is different. # Thread contrast The thread of the T-shirt we talked about before is not sealed, we can cut as much as we need. But this thread is not the same, and we have to make our own thread of different length and width for each of our sizes. Every edge of it is to be locked, so we must be custom - made for the thread of the knitting machine! Because it can not be cut, cut the edge will be spread out, the line inside like a sweater line broken, a pull the whole spread! This thread is not supported This kind of thread is woven by us alone, because it needs to be finished before and after, this kind of corner edge all needs to be finished, so this kind of collar can only be made one by one. After that, we will take to the dye area and dye the whole collar to our desired color. # Button comparison Exclusive custom-made deep-sea pearl friar button, moQ is too big!!Others would simply substitute the fake fritillary bulb at the market # Embroidery contrast The whole thing is made of wool, not PP thread used for market goods. The lines on the inside are downcast (let's call it that), going in one direction, so the density of the lines on each section, including the bayonet on the outside (which is just coming out) is so sharp that it looks hairy that we have to adjust it. Because of the bead cloth, it itself is a great deal of this kind of elasticity, what left and right, up and down, even diagonal it has tension! Therefore, when we do the fixation, we cannot add a fixed base cloth inside, but only plain embroidery on the fabric. The master of embroider must be very careful when making so, embroider one or two minutes to be about to stop to adjust a machine to see to have slant a bit ah or it is a design to have be out of shape, continue to embroider again after adjusting, embroider gives embroider to embroider come out! In fact, the design is very simple, is the thing is very small, the smaller the more delicate things need and technology! So much so that we did a lot of work on the embroidery. LINK: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a2126o.success.0.0.3fcb4831RsxJfK&id=625643029303














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